Tuesday, 10 March 2009

here & elsewhere

i'm going to try and avoid just posting stuff that's already on our myspace here, but just as catch-up, our album is all done and being released so thought it worth mentioning the details...

it's coming out on stolen recordings, which we are really excited about because they've put out loads of great stuff and are on the same page as us in terms of how they see the world and our music.

we recorded the album mostly over the last summer - in north london at random colours with paul jones - but it took us a while to finish up/tweak/varnish etc, and then sort out who was going to put it out and how, hence the fact that it's not coming out until summer.

but coming out it is. in may. it's called "here & elsewhere" and this is the tracklisting:

1. great expectations
2. the sum total of everything
3. good to go
4. hello bears
5. here and elsewhere
6. troika
7. you talk all night
8. ghost song
9. bad decisions
10. all hat and no plans
11. building blocks
12. a change of scenery

we are pretty pleased with how it turned out, having not been particularly satisfied with how our recordings have sounded in the past. not that we don't like them, but we never thought they sounded like the kind of band we thought we were. these do, so we can happily put the record out into the big wide world and see what happens.

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