Wednesday, 5 August 2009

buy one, get five free

we are releasing 'ghost song' as a download only single on 24th august. it's off the album so if you've got that you've heard it already, so no need to bother, right? wrong. 

when you download it you also get five new songs, for free. these are songs that we didn't get finished up in time to put on the record but we liked a lot and didn't want to just leave hanging around. they fit together well with 'ghost song' and make a coherent little EP of bedroom pop songs. we recorded them ourselves, mostly after we were done with the record proper, and then had a mad one week dash to get them finished in time for inclusion on the single.

there is more lovely artwork from phil and nick up there. tracklisting is as follows:

1. ghost song
2. boy, you'll go far
3. told you so
4. ebb and flow
5. made your mark
6. a change of scenery (demo)

(slight caveat - you only get all of them if get if off itunes. users of other download merchants only get the first 4. this, apparently, is just the way it goes. but apologies to anyone with technical/political difficulties with itunes.)

we've got some shows around the release of this, at white heat and puregroove - dates and details over on our myspace

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