Thursday, 15 October 2009

on numbers

anyone who saw us at our white light gig the other week or who sees us on our upcoming tour will be aware that we are now trading as a four piece. i thought a little bit of information was in order about how we got here and what happens next.

so obviously cathy was in the band, and on the album, but then committments with the fanfarlos became a bit onerous with us both having albums out, so we decided to get our good friend juliet to play with us instead. this worked out very well, and a better and more lovely lucas replacement could not have been wished for. but time rolls on, and juliet has gone off to become an advanced brainiac in a learned institution, and so we decided it might be fun and productive to go back to four like in the old days.

apart from the negative effects on the gender equality of the stolen roster and indie rock in general, this is working out well. our first show felt like genuine progress, and we are at a stage where we have lots of new songs and are figuring out what the next record will sound like, so it seems a timely shake up. we'll see how it all goes.

onwards and upwards.

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