Tuesday, 13 April 2010

no news is good news

we've been maintaining a pretty rigourous radio silence of late, which to some might suggest a lack of activity. this would be a mistake. we decided at the end of last year that we didn't want to work out how to play all the new songs we had been collecting, but instead it would be more interesting to record them and figure them out that way.

i think this was a good call and we've nearly finished demoing a bunch of songs that we are all feeling very excited about. i had what sounds like a simple and obvious aim but is often easy to lose sight of in practice: to make some songs that i want to listen to. the last record was a collection of songs 'honed' over a period of years; they were written, played at gigs, practiced to within an inch of their lives, and only then recorded. this time, we wanted to just record them, let them breathe and not worry about whether any one is going to talk all the way through them or clap at the end. just try and make some music that sounds good to our ears and makes us happy. and so this is what we've done. we are now going to live with them for a bit and then decide what to do.

but we're are getting back on the gig horse in may, so you can hear what we've been up to - at the British Sea Power shindig in north Yorkshire, and at our guitar player Nick's show at a gallery in London. Details on our myspace.

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